Moore’s Custom Kitchens began in the garage of Mr. William “Pete” Moore’s home in Newport News, Virginia in 1985. Mr. Moore was the Supervisor/General Manager of Colonial Kitchens of Newport News owned by Carl Hart from 1975 until he began running his own business. Since the age of 18, Pete has worked in cabinetry and found the beauty of wood.

The business moved into its first building on Production Drive in 1986. After 1 years on Production Drive, business picked enough that it was able to move to its current location. At this location is where business began to bloom, employees began to increase and the business received recognition for its well-crafted art.

Tragedy struck in 1994, at 1:30PM on a Saturday afternoon Pete received a phone call that his building was on fire. In just a few hours, 90% of the office had been destroyed. But that didn’t stop the business. The next morning, Mr. Moore called his workers to the office because it was “business as usual”. Business continued in a small building in the back of the main building until the new renovated building was completed!

Moore’s Custom Kitchens has seen many challenges and successes.  They have also received many awards, recognitions, and honors from different organizations based on dedicated and committed work.  Today, the family business is run by Pete Moore, his wife, Ada Moore, and his son, Mike Moore. The family business has successfully been running for over 26 years and we look forward to many more!